Face-To-Face Social Networking

Live like a Nor'Sider.

Join us for our monthly Face-to Face Networking event at Verdetto's, a classic Pittsburgh bar, on Thursday, August 10 from 5:30-7:30 p.m.

As the Pittsburgh City Paper wrote, you won't find Verdetto's listed in any glossy tourist guide. But it should be counted among destinations for tourists. Not many bars, at least in Pittsburgh, list home-made turtle soup as a signature dish. This alone should put Verdetto's on the map, but the joint also serves some mighty fine wings. The Buffalo wings -- as well as the laudable garlic-parmesan -- should be considered contenders when compiling a list of the city's best wings.

Verdetto's owner, Len, will provide the pizza. Verdetto's is located at 814 Madison Avenue. Lots of free on-street parking is available on Madison and Peralta streets.


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