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Adapted from an article in The Northside Chronicle by Ashlee Green:

On August 20, 2018, the North Side/Shore Chamber of Commerce announced Gina Grone as its new Executive Director. She officially began her role on August 16, after serving as the Interim Executive Director for the previous three months.

“It’s such an exciting time to live in and visit the Northside. Big things are happening,” Grone said. “If I can be part of the leadership that brings the Northside to the forefront of people’s minds, that would be a really great career step and personally fulfilling opportunity.”

Currently, Grone serves as the president of the East Allegheny Community Council and is a board member of the Northside Leadership Conference. Previously, she worked in marketing communications for six years at Carnegie Mellon University, in marketing and community development for two years in India and in a marketing role for four years at the University of Pittsburgh. She received both her bachelor’s degree and Master of Business Administration with concentrations in marketing.

Her vision for the North Side/Shore Chamber of Commerce is threefold: She plans to boost awareness of the Chamber, expand membership so connections between members are overall more meaningful and increase access to information.

Grone said her new responsibilities are all about “promoting, connecting and supporting” the Northside community and helping to make the Chamber part of a larger conversation in both the Northside and the Greater Pittsburgh area. She wants to help individual businesses prosper and the overall community to thrive.

“I want people to feel comfortable walking into the Chamber office and presenting any question or problem they can think of,” she said.

But Grone is quick to say it’s not just about her. “Having a 17-member board to support me is crucial to transforming the Chamber,” she said. “I’m looking forward to working with them to launch the next chapter of the Chamber.”

Scott Pipitone, Chair of the North Side/Shore Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, is excited that Grone is on board. “We have big aspirations for Gina,” he said. “A relevant Chamber that’s working with The Buhl Foundation, the banks, businesses, colleges and really with the Northside as a whole, would be a strong force for everyone,” said Pipitone. “We know Gina will lead us to make this Chamber relevant.”




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