Development in Pittsburgh’s Northside is strong and dynamic. It is in the best interest of business owners, employees, City of Pittsburgh elected officials and staff, and Northside residents for the time from inception to completion of capital projects to be as fast and efficient as possible.


Through a collaborative process involving all stakeholders, the Northside North Shore Chamber seeks to lead an initiative that works to optimize processes related to development in the City of Pittsburgh.

We are looking at opportunities in the following areas:

  • PROACTIVE INFORMATION – Helping permit seekers understand requirements and processes, helping to manage expectations.
  • REACTIVE ASSISTANCE – Accepting reports of challenges from permit seekers and make connections to address them quickly and effectively.
  • PROCESS IMPROVEMENT – Identify opportunities for process improvement, including increasing efficiency and consistency.
  • PERSONNEL IMPROVEMENTS – Changes to staffing structure, training, customer service, etc.
  • CODE CHANGES – Update municipal code to minimize ambiguous interpretation and eliminate extraneous variances.