In service to the membership and the community, the chamber serves as a key leader in some crucial conversations about public safety.


The public safety committee has identified key issues, goals and activities.

GOAL: Decrease negative effect of public safety issues on the business community
  • ACTIVITY: Determine statistics to watch
  • ACTIVITY: Control the narrative and push the positive (media training, sound bites)
GOAL: Serve as a respected and credible conduit of communication between the business community and various agencies
  • ACTIVITY: Share information TO the appropriate agencies (police, city, outreach workers, legislators)
  • ACTIVITY: Get data and information/plans FROM the appropriate agencies
GOAL: Increase knowledge of business owners about what they can do and what activities are planned by various agencies
  • ACTIVITY: Build knowledge and communicate about processes and opportunities
  • ACTIVITY: Host relevant events (e.g. information sessions, legislator forums)

If you’d like to know more about the committee’s work or are potentially interested in joining, contact Gina Grone, Executive Director, at


The chamber includes public safety updates in the monthly member-only “Business Matters” email. If you are a member and are not already receiving “Business Matters”, please reach out to the chamber at

We also send periodic communication that focuses ONLY on public safety — activity updates, relevant resources, notification of events, etc. That communication is open to members and non-members. If you’d like to be added to that list, please reach out to the chamber.

If you have information to share relevant to the topic – examples of activity that has negatively or positively affected you, ideas that you have to address public safety concerns, etc. – please reach out to the chamber at