Food for Thought - 8/25

Food for Thought: Job Quality
What Job Quality Means and How to Improve It


The global pandemic and civil unrest have created a fundamental shift in workforce behaviors, leaving many employers struggling to find and retain qualified staff. While wage increases are top-of-mind, they are not the full story.

Organizational leaders, HR professionals, and managers are invited to join a conversation around policies and practices that increase recruitment and retention while meeting the needs of a diverse range of workers.

In this session, you'll learn about Partner4Work's Job Quality Employer Engagement program. Bonny Yeager, Manager of this program will cover the following:

  • What Job Quality is defined as
  • Specific practices to improve it
  • Job Quality Employer Engagement program offerings for employers

Bonny Yeager, Manager of Special Projects at Partner4Work


Date and Time:
Thursday, August 25

Free, but registration is required online here. You will receive the Zoom link once you register.




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